Kali Ring



The Goddess Kali symbolizes the cycles of time and it is her role to clear away obstacles in your path. One of her many lessons is that every act of destruction is equally an act of creation. Her fire calls us into action without hesitation. The goddess of death and destruction of the ego, terrifying and supremely powerful, she is the energy charge within you that is wild and empowered.

Size: 4.5 cm X 3 cm

Weight: 38 grams approx of casted 925 sterling silver.

Available in gold on request.

If you would like to have this ring engraved with your chosen name(s) or date(s), please let us know what you would like us to inscribe, in the notes section. We will get back to you with a quote. A separate Paypal invoice will be issued for this service. The minimum charge is £25.




Sterling silver Goddess Kali ring
Dark oxidised silver
British Hallmarked 925
To help you choose your size refer to our International Size Converter Chart
If you don’t know the size of your finger, email us your postal address and we will send you a ring size measuring gauge, free of charge.
*This piece is crafted by hand and made to order. Please allow a lead time of up to 3 weeks from the date of your order.  If you require any assistance or for urgent orders please feel free to contact us.

Additional information


L, L1/2, M, M1/2, N, N1/2, O, O1/2, P, P1/2, Q, Q1/2, R, R1/2, S, S1/2, T, T1/2, U, U1.2, V

Size Guide

If you do not know the size of your finger, please email us your name and postal address and we will send you a ring measuring gauge, free of charge.

Inside Diameter  Inside Circumference Sizes     
MMInchesMMInchesBritish & Australian US & CanadaFrench & RussianGermanJapaneseSwiss
12.180.48238.261.51A 1/20----
12.60.49639.581.56B 1/21.25----
130.51240.841.61C 1/21.75----
13.410.52842.131.66D 1/22.25----
13.830.54443.451.71E 1/22.75----
14.150.55744.451.75F 1/23.125----
14.250.56144.771.76F 3/43.25----
14.450.56945.41.79G 1/43.5-14.5--
14.560.57345.741.8G 1/23.625--6-
14.860.58546.681.84H 1/24-157-
15.270.60147.971.89I 1/24.5-15.258-
15.530.61148.791.92J 1/44.75----
15.70.61849.321.94J 1/25-15.759-
15.90.62649.951.97K 1/45.25----
160.6350.271.98K 1/25.375--10-
16.30.64251.212.02L 1/45.75----
16.410.64651.552.03L 1/25.875----
16.710.65852.52.07M 1/26.25----
17.130.67453.822.12N 1/26.75----
17.450.68754.822.16O 1/27.25----
17.970.70756.452.22P 1/27.75----
18.350.72257.652.27Q 1/28.25----
18.530.72958.212.29Q 3/48.5-18.517-
18.690.73658.722.31R 1/48.75----
18.80.7459.062.32R 1/28.875----
18.890.74859.342.35R 3/49-1918-
19.220.75760.382.38S 1/49.25----
19.310.7660.662.39S 1/29.375----
19.410.76460.982.4S 3/49.5-19.519-
19.620.77261.642.43T 1/49.75----
19.840.78162.332.45T 1/210-2020-
20.20.79763.462.5U 1/210.5-20.2522-
20.440.80564.212.53V 1/410.75----
20.680.81464.972.56V 1/211-20.7523-
20.850.82165.52.58W 1/411.25----
20.940.82465.782.59W 1/211.375----
21.080.8366.222.61W 3/411.5-2124-
21.240.83666.732.63X 1/411.75----
21.30.83966.922.64X 1/211.875----
21.690.85468.142.68Y 1/212.25----
22.10.8769.432.73Z +1/212.75----

Delivery Guide

After you have placed your order you will receive an email informing you of the despatch date.

Please be advised that if we have the item you have ordered in stock, we will despatch it as soon as possible. If we don’t, it will be ready within two to three weeks.

If you require your order urgently or for a special date please make sure you let us know by writing this in the Notes section, when purchasing the item. Alternatively, you can contact us at info@thewildnessjewellery.com

The International, Tracked and Signed service aims to deliver Europe within 4-6 working days, and worldwide within 5-7 working days. The cost of Royal Mail international service is £14

We can arrange fast courier services such as DHL, UPS and FedEx. These priority services are delivered within two to three days in most European countries and the rest of the world. The cost of couriers is £40 to £45.

Orders within the UK are despatched with Next Day Delivery Royal Mail Service. It is usually guaranteed by 1 pm the next working day after your goods have been despatched. Insurance is included in the postage charge and a signature is required upon arrival.  We will inform you as to the expected despatch and delivery date when we process your order, and once the parcel is sent we will email you with the tracking number. The cost of the Royal Mail Special Delivery service is £9.00


Care Guide

To protect your jewellery, we recommend storing pieces individually, as jewellery can become scratched if in contact with other pieces.

We advise you to store the jewellery in your The Wildness box that you received when purchasing your item, to avoid metal or stone abrasion, and to ideally store somewhere dry with low humidity.

We advise removing jewellery when you shower or bathe, and particularly when on the beach, in the sea and in chlorinated water. It is also advisable that you do not wear your jewellery during exercise, gardening or any activity that involves exposing your jewellery to repeated knocking, scratching, or hard and abrasive surfaces.

Silver jewellery will naturally tarnish over time. We recommend cleaning your jewellery regularly using appropriate professional jewellery cleaning products.

Stones may chip if hit with enough force. Some Gemstones are delicate and easily abraded, can chip or crack when knocked and care should be taken to avoid harsh contact when worn.

Take care to avoid contact with nail polish remover, perfume, or hairspray. Alcohol, oil-based perfumes, and emollients can damage precious metals joints and gemstones.

We advise removing your jewellery or wearing gloves when carrying out household chores that involve chemicals or abrasives.

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