Dagger and Scabbard


Sterling silver Dagger and Scabbard Necklace

The Scabbard is connected to the back of the pendant and the Stiletto dagger can be removed and worn on its own.

Sold as a complete necklace or a pendant without the chain

Size: 4.6 cm x 1.2 cm

Silver rope chain length: 48 cm

Weight: 13 grams approx of casted 925 sterling silver.




Sterling silver Dagger and Scabbard Necklace

The Stiletto dagger can be worn with or without the protecting scabbard.

The dagger is fully carved, and the back side has a larger decorative bead at the centre of the handle that connects the scabbard with a loop.

Dark oxidized silver

British Hallmarked 925

Ready to Ship

Each design is hand-finished to ensure the highest standards.

Available in gold on request.

Additional information

Dagger & Scabbard Pendant Without Chain

Dagger & Scabbard Necklace, Dagger & Scabbard Pendant Without Chai

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