Independent designer and maker. Based in London, The Wildness creates a unique style of jewellery. From design to completion, the entire collection is handcrafted in sterling silver.

Each design begins its life with ideas inspired mainly by art, literature and nature.

The craftsmanship involved in designing and making follows the true heritage and meaning of the ancient history of jewellery.

Each design/prototype is hand carved in wax and cast in sterling silver. The ability of The Wildness to create intricate and unique handmade jewellery has resulted in various collaborations with other leading artists on a variety of projects and bespoke commissions.

Each piece from The Wildness collection is hallmarked according to the London’s Assay office regulations with 925 sterling silver stamp.

My name is Stefania, I was born in Italy, in the region of Sardinia. I believe that life is a path of emotions, travelled by receiving, assimilating and interacting with a multitude of motivations. 

The choices, sometimes unconscious and unaware, lead us, step by step, to follow our natural inclination so we are ready to accept certain inspirations and reject others. 

In love with nature, I follow my journey researching and getting inspired by different forms and shapes of this existence. 

Sardinia is a land in many ways mysterious and evocative. You can find a pristine nature and wilderness, in a landscape full of inspiring smells of the past, protected by the sea and warmed by the sun. This land has been for me over the years of childhood, the first contact with a benevolent and stimulating nature, which led me and still sparks inspiration in my creativity. 

In the next phase of my life, I lived in the small medieval town of Spoleto, Umbria. Here, it felt like living out of time as memory and traditions live and coexist with a sense of modernity. During my teenagers years, I felt a deep emotional attraction to poetry, philosophy and art, questioning and doubting myself throughout the meanings of my own feelings and existence. 

The memories of the studies and the link with Italian art and culture formed my vocation. My passion for sculpture began during my teenage years. 

I loved to observe details, expressions and forms sculpted in marble and bronze. I was fascinated by how the matter could be instilled with life and how the artist was able to turn it into expression and emotion. 

I approached the jewellery industry due to my natural impulse, to design and hand make jewellery. It gives me the opportunity to express my eclecticism more than any other activity. I have been into body adornment and wearing jewellery all my life. 

When I was a child I used to make necklaces and bracelets out of leaves and flowers. I have completed various jewellery making courses and worked for TGF as a jeweller for eight years. During this time I gained experience in the field of designing and creating silver jewellery and had my creations sold in London, Los Angeles and New York. 

My time at TGF was extremely informative and practical and allowed me to gain great knowledge and technical ability. My passion for wax carving has led me to specialise in the combination of the art of sculpture and the art of jewellery. 

I focus on the perfection of fine details, bringing my creations from a two-dimensional shape to a concrete sculptural form. I have gained the knowledge and discovered techniques of wax carving by myself and as a self-taught learner, I have experimented with different methods through the years. 

With time I have learned how to emphasise each fine detail. The result of my research, which is certainly part of an ongoing project, led to the creation in 2010 of The Wildness. Over time my attraction to different artistic forms has led me to design and create jewellery inspired by art. 

The Baroque and dark & dramatic arts are a great source of inspiration for me. The Wildness pieces are part of my emotional and cultural background. My creativity moves through time and space and the main influences in my work are art and nature with their intrinsic, primitive and wild principles.