Limited Edition Pegasus

Pegasus Necklace

Limited edition, run of 10

Available only until Saturday, 15th June


The mythological creature Pegasus, with its majestic wings and ethereal presence, has captivated the imagination for centuries. Beyond its origin in Greek mythology, Pegasus transcends mere myth to embody profound spiritual qualities and symbolism.

In Greek mythology, Pegasus sprang forth from the blood of Medusa when the hero Perseus decapitated her. He was later tamed by Bellerophon, who rode Pegasus on numerous quests, most famously to defeat the monstrous Chimera. The gods ultimately gave Pegasus heavenly rewards for his noble deeds, transforming him into a constellation that graces the night sky.

One of the most prominent spiritual qualities of Pegasus is the representation of freedom. Of his many heroic feats, like bringing thunder and lightning to Zeus from Mount Olympus, he embodies the idea of transcending earthly limitations. 

Pegasus is a powerful symbol for artists, writers, and musicians, representing the flow of creative energy and the boundless nature of imagination.

In a broader spiritual context, Pegasus embodies the concept of divine inspiration. Just as the Muses inspire human creativity, Pegasus represents the spark of divine insight that guides and elevates human endeavours. This connection to the divine underscores the importance of staying open to inspiration from higher sources and trusting in the flow of creative energy.

 For those on a spiritual journey, Pegasus can be seen as a symbol of the inner guidance that leads us through the challenges of life. He represents the protective and guiding forces that watch over us, helping us to navigate the complexities of existence and find our true path.


Solid sterling silver Pegasus pendant 7 cm x 8 cm in dimension comes with 43cm long silver rope chain.

Limited edition, only 10 necklace available until 15/06/2024

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