New Stiletto Dagger and Scabbard Pendant & Earrings

NEW sterling silver Dagger & Scabbard has just launched on the website!

The dagger represents bravery and strength of spirit, protection of oneself and others. It also reflects loyalty and standing up for what is right even when it is difficult. This meaningful symbology reminds us to trust in the strength of our convictions and to be empowered by our infinite potential. Daggers are one of the first tools developed by humans and symbolize thriving through difficulties.

This new silver design is sold as a complete necklace or a pendant.

The Scabbard is connected to the back of the pendant and the Stiletto dagger can be removed and worn on its own.

The dagger is fully carved and the back has a larger decorative bead at the centre of the handle which connects the scabbard with a loop.

The price of the necklace is £245 (connected with 48cm of sterling silver rope chain) The price of the Dagger and Scabbard Pendant is £180 (sold without the chain)


I’ve also made matching earrings with the Stiletto. The long and light shape of the dagger is also very comfortable to be worn with other earrings.

The earrings are sold per pair at the price of £160 or singularly for £80.


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