New Amor Vincit Omnia Neckalce

New Amor Vinci Omnia!   This new necklace carved on different depths of relief is an amulet for eternal love. Handcarved in sterling silver with a composition of four main symbols the heart, the wings, the sun and the snakes. The back of the necklace is engraved with “Amor Vincit Omnia”. The full quote from the Roman poet Virgil’s Eclogues X, dated to 38 BCE is “Omnia Vincit Amor et nos cedars amori” or “love conquers all; let us too, yield to love” A passionate declaration that speaks to us across the centuries. The Winged Sun on the ancient Near East was a solar symbol associated with divinity and power. Egyptians believed snakes had wings as a necessary method of movement in the spiritual world, possibly because of their close association with the Sun God, who may have been regarded as an airborne power. The heart has been referred to and believed to be the core of one’s humanity. It was used and still used as the primary symbol that represents love. Among the ancient Romans, the association between the heart and love was commonplace. Venus, the goddess of love, was credited for setting hearts on fire with the aid of her son Cupid.   This new Winged Heart pendant is connected to a silver Rope chain and sold as a complete necklace. For more info:  

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