Latest Bespoke Rings

Blue skies and blue Gems, beginning of the summer and latest commissions.

-Persian Turquoise set on a succulent plant  necklace:

-Santa Maria Aquamarine Platinum and sterling silver necklace.The Goddess of the Bees Plaque is made of Platinum and the links of the chain stars~moons~suns are made of sterling silver. The necklace is carved on both sides, front and back with the same design:

(The original Goddess of the Bees plaque was carved in Grece, 3000BC and it’s displayed at The British Museum)


-Egyptian Turquoise heavy ring, 3.5 cm X 2.2 cm in size. The volcanic pattern is carved on relief around all the shank of the ring:


-Memento Mori ring set with Blue Moonstone. Fine bezel decoration, the inside of the ring is engraved with dates of birth and death and thank you, written in Italian.


All the bespoke commission are hand carved in wax and cast in precious metal. Each design is one of a kind and it will never be reproduced.

Thank You for keeping me so busy!

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