Bespoke Lapis Lazuli Bangle

Latest Bespoke Commissions

Latest hand carved bespoke commissions.


Sun~Moon~Star 108 Mala Rosary

108 links connected links of suns, moons and stars. 1.4 meter long


Medusa Studs

Low relief carving, 16mm in diameter.


Lapis Lazuli Bangle

Heavy silver cuff set with natural/untreated Lapis Lazuli.

Size 5.5 cm, 154 grams of sterling silver.


Snake Studs

Earrings-studs 7.6cm long


Bespoke jewellery designs are made exclusively to your specifications. All the custom-made pieces require a sequence of specialised stages in the hand making process. Each piece begins its life by being initially hand carved from a block of wax. The carving technique applied gives depth and precision, resulting in a highly detailed prototype which is then ready to cast. I specialise in creating jewellery inspired by works of art, portraits or any other subjects of sculptural nature. Each custom-made design is hand carved like a sculpture and preserves/interpret all details in proportion and dimension: either two-dimensional ( “Relief” technique ) or three-dimensional. Wax carving requires meticulous concentration and numerous working hours. When the prototype is fully carved it is then cast in a precious metal of your choice. 

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