Latest Bespoke Commission!

From a digital sculpture of Richard Raimbauld


bespoke commission inspired by Richard Raimbauld digital art
Inspired by Zdzilaw Beksinski dark art.
This latest bespoke commission is a pendant, hand carved in wax and cast in sterling silver.
bespoke commission inspired by Richard Raimbauld digital art hand crafted by the wildness jewellery
I absolute love to hand carve very intricate pieces from art and sculpture reference.
Anything can be made into a timeless jewellery design.

Bespoke commissions are made exclusively to your specifications. All the custom-made pieces require a sequence of specialised stages in the hand making process.
Each piece begins its life by being initially hand carved from a block of wax. The carving technique applied gives depth and precision, resulting in a highly detailed prototype which is then ready to cast.
I specialise in creating jewellery inspired by works of art, portraits or any other subjects of sculptural nature.

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