Bespoke Ballerina in Death’s Head…

Bespoke jewellery, Ballerina in Death's Head The Wildness Jewellery

” Dream of a ballerina dancing
joyfully in endless beauty,
and adoration.  In a dream
gone mad, she is pale, indoor
skin shadows sadness,
disillusionment.  Vibrant red
flowers piled atop her head
have faded, edges curling
in stiffness.  Her limber, graceful
arms stretch grotesquely,
encompassing the empty eyes
of a death head.  A heart
once full, is rent.  Tattered
is garment’s hem, clutched
into grip of locked zippered
teeth on bulbous cracked
head.  Ballerina has lost
her dream; her hopes


are shot with holes…”

This bespoke pendant made of sterling silver is wax carved and cast using lost wax process.
My work is entirely handmade and I absolutely adore to make highly three-dimensional bespoke jewellery designs.
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