Bespoke Designs.

We are happy to work on bespoke designs, engagement and wedding rings.
If you are thinking of getting one off custom made piece by The Wildness please contact us via our website or by email,

In order of giving you an accurate quote we require:
-2/3 references, sketches, pictures or images from the web.
-Which precious metal you would like your design to be made ( we work on sterling silver, any carats of white and yellow gold, and platinum).
-If the design is a ring, please let us know the finger size.
-If part of the design has a setting, please let us know on which stone you would like to be quoted for,
( we work with precious, semi-precious and organic stones, cabochon and faceted cuts).
If you know the size or carat of the stone please let us know, we are in direct contact with stone dealers and stone laboratories (we can get a custom cut of a particular shape or material if needed).
-General and approximate sizes of the design.
-If you would like to have your design engraved (with name, dates,logo etc) please specify where and what you wish to have engraved (if you require a specific font please let us know).
-We also work on platings, you can have your design gold or rhodium plated, fully or partially plated.

-We require a minimum of 3 to 4 weeks to hand-make a bespoke jewellery piece.

-We are happy to help you with the designing but please provide us with those informations first!


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