Paul Eastwood, La Mort Skull creations.



La Mort skull creations are handcrafted in London by this gentlemen, Paul Eastwood.
A must seen collection of one off skull artistry available to hire and loan for photosthoots and film, displayed and for sale at Shall Adore tattoo (Shoreditch, London).
We had the pleasure of having few of those amazing creations as a part of our latest photoshoot, look-book and advert!


“The skull has been used as subject, both spiritually and artistically throughout many cultures since man first developed the intelligence to think and create…La Mort attempts to convey the many mysteries of the skull, both visually and culturally and shows that it symbolises mortality and thought it is often seen as a negative, it can also be a positive…” -Paul Eastwood
For enquires on la Mort skulls email:
Instagram: @lamortskulls13


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