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Dante Aligieri Ring

The idea of hand-making the Dante Alighieri ring came firstly on a relaxing Sunday evening while reading the Hell part of The Divine Comedy and drinking few glasses of wine.
This book is particular familiar to many of us especially Italians  and it felt like a reminder of the school times…for many a very boring subject to study but there was a very mystic, dark  and poetic part of this author’s work that I have always being interested to and this was L’inferno…
“In the middle of the journey of our life I come to my self within a dark wood where the straight way was lost…”
The beginning of this section of the book is probably a reflection of everyone’s story but the fantasy, imagination and mysticism of The Hell is mind blowing, a deep journey through the different steps of death, the pain, fears and the anger…
The Divine Comedy is a masterpiece of literature, and the creator of this amazing journey through Hell, Purgatory and Paradise (and other great works), is in my eyes a total genius, a divine human being a mysterious and profound artist…


To hand carve this ring was a very challenging job and took a very long time to complete. While carving this piece felt like  a big passion related to my own roots was alive in me, it was a well worth creation related to my personal emotion and background…
My journey and work is a constant research of combinations of arts a deep love for knowledge and imagination that transforms my emotions into creative shapes.
Dante once said “Follow your own star” … 
This is for me a divine sentence where I base the artistry of The Wildness creations.


With Love&Light

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